Plan meeeting for tomorrow

I can’t seem to find it in the FAQ (and the user guide is work in progress), but how can I plan a meeting for a day in the future and send the link to the participants?


Crate a calendar event in the calendar you use, add the link for the meeting making it unique enough or just use the generated one from the main page and invite the guests. Make sure the link is hard to guess.
There is no reservation or storage, the meeting is created when first participant joins and is destroyed when the last one leaves.

Thanks! I wasn’t able to set my own link, but that’s no big deal. I tried two ways, first click the plus button (expecting I could then enter the link), but then I could not change the link. So then I tried typing the link first and then press the plus button, but that still added the generated link.

Is there a way to set the password in advance?

The link is the address you use in the browser. There is nothing you can set in advance.

we had the same problem, that we wanted to manage meeetings in advance and secure the server with JWT, so only internal member can create rooms but external can join the meeting like the big enterprise solutions. With the normal Jitsi configuration we only had the opportunitis which are written above to send a calendar entry with the link.
To make Jitsi enterprise ready and connect it with an LDAP Server we develop the Jitsi Admin, which is Open Source and would cover all your Needs. We publish it on Github and we have an Instance running wich can be used for free.
Github: GitHub - H2-invent/jitsi-admin: Der Jitsi Admin ist eine Administration und Management Plattform für Jitsi Meet Server