Placing calls only in one direction

Dear Team,

after quite long and extensive efforts I have managed to run this great software on QNAP TS-659!

Happy to share the guide later on how to do this, even tough it is running kernel 3.4.6 (yes, I know it is not supported).

The network is private, not running on Internet.

I have installted Prosody, Jicofo and Jitsi-videobridge and I am using Jitsi Desktop on all nodes.

Strange thing is happening to one of the JItsi-Desktop clients. Other clients are not impacted.
The one impacted is Mac OS X 10.14.3 Mojave with Jitsi-Desktop 2.10.5550.

I can chat with others, I can place a call - but when I do so, I only see attempts to establish session and it never gets established (clients are ringing).

After inspecting wireshark and logs I noticed this client for some reason is trying to bind to IPv4 addresses that I would never expect it to bind to:

2020-04-11 23:05:21.389 INFO: [4606] impl.protocol.jabber.JingleNodesHarvester.harvest().91 harvest Jingle Nodes
2020-04-11 23:05:21.389 INFO: [4608] Failed to send BINDING-REQUEST(0x1)[attrib.count=2 len=24 tranID=0xEDAB0F6B71019FCC18C474D8] through to No route to host (sendto failed)

Wireshark also confirms the binding request being sent to

The network is based only on and subnets.

Other clients/users can successfully establish videocall with this client.

What can be the issue here?

Will highly appriciate any help!


After analyzing Wireshark I think there might be something with STUN communication. On host affected I can see Binding Request to, binding request with user to other Jitsi Desktop client, Success Response from the other Jitsi Desktop client.

Call does not get initiated properly.

On the other client, if I initiate a call from there to the affected client - I can additionally see STUN Binding Indictation to the remote side.

Any hint would be hiighly appriciated.

Thank you!

  • more additional info:
  1. When placing the call from affected host to the remote host:
    I see on wireshark STUN binding requests, then Binding request user + response from the remote sided (XOR-Mapped-address), but that is it, no Binding indication.

  2. When placing call from the remote host to the affected host:
    I see the same, but after picking up the call I can also see STUN Binding Indication messages.

Why can that be?