PIP bug on linux

this issue has been driving me and everyone in my co-op absolutely insane. Whenever switching from Jitsi to another app, the PIP window appears. This is, on its own, annoying. You should be able to turn it off.

But the problem is that Jitsi returns app focus to itself! So I’m in Jitsi, I alt-tab to firefox but then app focus is returned to jitsi! I often don’t realize this and I’ll hit something like shift-control-c to get the web inspector up and it’ll bring the web inspector up FOR THE PIP WINDOW O_o

I’m on Fedora 34 but folks in the co-op running 36 and also Ubuntu are also having this issue…

I would use Jitsi in Firefox instead except FF crashes at the end of every call :confused:

I assume you’re using the Jitsi electron app? If so, you can disable the PIP window.

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you can disable PIP?! Incredible, this should solve it. I haven’t been able to find instructions on how to disable though. Thanks!!

When you launch the app (before joining a meeting), click on the cog-wheel on the top-left to open the settings drawer. You’ll see the option to disable it there (it’s on by default).


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