Pinning a participant's video to display as a LargeVideo using sendCommand in lib-jitsi-meet

We’re currently working on an implementation that uses lib-jitsi-meet with a custom UI, and we’ve managed to get all aspects working correctly except for the ability to pin a participant, so that their video may be displayed as a fullscreen large video, as opposed to the Tile View.

In other words, if we were using the iFrame API, we would use either of the two following commands via api.executeCommand:

However, we have found no way to accomplish the above using lib-jitsi-meet. For context, we have been able to accomplish sending the Follow Me commands and the Set Tile View (true/false) with this helpful answer, but have not been able to use it for pinning a participant, since we can’t really find the ‘command’ or syntax that would have to be used to specify a participant’s ID.

You want to send the command to a remote participant using follow-me?
The pining participant is UI function, so there is nothing for lib-jitsi-meet, its the UI to switch which video to show.

Ah apologies, I should have clarified further. These are indeed UI functions, and the “Set Tile View” and “Follow Me” commands also do not affect the other users who are participants in our own custom UI.

Our use case involves live streaming the meeting via Jibri, and as such, the Tile View and Follow Me commands are used so that the view shown in the Jibri instance may be controlled, since the RTMP feed is further repurposed for a live stream.

The intention behind ‘pinning’ a user, is simply to get the Jibri instance to pin the user as well. The combination of Follow Me and Enable/Disable Tile View works perfectly fine for the Jibri’s view, and other viewers are not impacted anyway since they are on a custom UI. I was hoping to find a similar workaroud where I could particularly have the Jibri instance only display a single participant’s pinned video.

I’ve read about using selectParticipants() in combination with setLastN(), but haven’t figured out how to direct these commands to the Jibri instance. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

This is achieved by follow-me command sendinng pinned stage participants:

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Thanks for the helpful direction, I could find the commands I needed working forward from this source. Appreciate it!

good morning sir, have you tried to make breakout rooms with the lib jitsi meet?