Pin to stage

I was just looking at alpha, there seems to be a new feature where user can pin more than one participants on stage.
However this seems to work for each participant independently.
Is there a way moderator can pin some participants and it takes affect for all participants and disallow each participants to choose on their own?

Totally untested, but does using ‘Follow me’ not allow for that ? If not, it may be considered as a bug.

We are currently implementing that for follow-me, yes.


@saghul As of 14 April, it looks like follow-me is working. Yay! Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as far as unpinning people that the moderator has unpinned. Is this a known issue that’s on the table?

All of that is work-in-progress, it’s not finalized yet.

It will be good if screen share and another participant who is not sharing screen can be pinned together.