Picture in Picture showing mirror image

Hello Team,

Currently, i am using picture in picture mode and when i see my self i am able to see the mirror effect. I want to apply CSS like “transform: scaleX(-1);” but I am not able to do that.

Can anyone help me out!

On your thumbnail ( on top right corner) in vertical filmstrip, click 3 dots and flip

Yes, that i have achieved by applying this CSS : “transform: scaleX(-1);” My point is in a picture in picture mode, how I can flip my video ?

Maybe provide a screenshot that explains what you mean? As advised already you can flip your local video, so it’s unclear what exactly you’re asking.

So when we are in a video meeting, right-click on the self video and click on Picture to Picture, once you click on that, one small video box will be open showing self video. The issue is , that picture in the picture video is mirrored. I want to flip that video only.

If it’s YOUR own video, you can flip it the same way - click on the 3 vertical dots and flip. But you can only do this for your local video, not for someone else’s video.

I am not able to see 3 dots for picture in picture video. Are you ?

No, the 3 dots are on the thumbnail in the filmstrip, not the PIP. The thumbnail for your local video is usually on the top-right.

Yes that is working fine. I just want to check with PIP video. is there any way to flip PIP video ?