Photoshop error while sharing screen

If I’m sharing Photoshop screen on jitsi meet, I get an error on the Photoshop screen when clicked.
As shown in the image above, there is an unknown box on the left Brush Tool Area.
It only happens when I share the screen in jitsi meet.
Can you tell me why? How can I fix it?

Do you share the full-screen or only Phptoshop’s window?

I only shared Photoshop window.

Most probably photoshop is not a single window application (even it looks like it is) and the browser cannot access other windows when you share it in window mode. Does it work when you share the whole screen?

Or I completely misunderstood the issue

The above issue occurs when I share the Photoshop window, and the same issue occurs when I share the whole screen too.
I really don’t know why…

Maybe you can try in another browser.

By the way, what is your OS and browser?

I use Chrome and Windows10 :slight_smile: