phoneNumberList returning JS error

Damencho, I humbly seek your guidance as I think you’re the only one who might know the answer to this.

I am trying to get phoneNumberList working on my Jitsi Meet instance. Jigasi is installed, SIP is configured and working, I have made my first outbound call.

I’m aware the format has changed, following the “cloud api swagger” link (sorry 2 link limit).

Old format example:

My attempt at new format:

My instance is meet dot ops dot one. My config.js is visible there too.

And the error I keep getting is:
2020-04-20T13:21:53.447Z [features/invite] Error encountered while fetching dial-in numbers: undefined

Can you tell me why this isn’t working? I’ve put 12 hours into this and still can’t figure it out. I suspect maybe there’s a bug, and I suspect it may be here:
#L181 at actions.any.js.


Hi, have you solved?
I also have this problem now … I have the 7001 building.