Phone-in Users Constantly Getting a Busy Signal

My phone-in users are getting a busy signal when they try to connect to Jitsi Meets. And of course, they immediately give up. And the rest of us are sitting on a conference call waiting for them to show.


I just double-checked. I called the USA call-in number five times. Four times I got a busy signal. Only once did I get through! That is unforgivable. . .

Sorry, but if I have to worry every time whether my phone-in users are getting thru to the conference room, then ;your conference call platform is absolutely worthless to me.

Thank you for the report, we are looking into it.

There seems to be a problem with the DID provider and their partners, they are investigating it. I will update once there is more information.

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Should be back to normal.

Thanks for promptly looking into - and correcting - the problem. Much appreciated. Robert