Phone gets hot and your battery burns

We build our own hosting server and use it as a mobile web. Even if you use it a little, your phone gets hot and your battery burns a lot.
Is there a solution?

phone specs?

We tested about 30 people at the same time. There were various types such as Android and iPhone, and the phenomenon was the same.

app is outdated and on android it uses Java, It needs a full re-work. I believe it uses a lot of resources and it makes your phone a stove

app is unused. Access and use web pages from your mobile phone. Doesn’t it have nothing to do with the app?

Yeah, right. What are you talking about? What is outdated? Phones get hot when you push them hard, have you ever tried to play a game?

If you are using the mobile web then the app is not involved indeed.

That it uses Java instead of Kotlin

No, not on mobile

And just switching languages will automatically make it 200% faster. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Please stop spreading misinformation.

I apologise sir, I just saw that a con of the app was that it uses Java, I should’ve gone deeper into researching this thanks for correcting me