Phone Connectivity Issues

Hi Everyone,

I am reaching out about having issues with joining a Jitsi Meet via phone.

We run a weekly mediation group virtually. A few participants are using flip phones with no connection to wifi. They are able to enter the given phone # and then enter the meeting id. But it never connects through.

Is this an issue due to the lack of internet access?

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That’s unusual. So long as they’re able to dial the number and enter the pin successfully, they should be able to join the meeting via their phones. What exactly happens after they enter the pin? What message (if any) do they hear?

Hi Freddie,

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

After the person enters the pin, a recorded message says “connecting you to your conference please hold”. Then the connection becomes part of the a phone conference but not part of the large video group conference.

We are hoping that phone users can appear in the Jitsi meet via phone like when on zoom.

We did some testing. Two of us were able to join the Jitsi Meet via video conference . The third person was never able to join although they did try to call in. The two of us who were able to join the video conference also called in. The three of us were connected via phone but not appearing on the video conference.

Any direction would be much appreciated.


Are you sure are using the correct pin from yhe conference? Are you seeing the same pin inside the conference?

Yeah my data has been garbage recently. But I also just got a new phone and I’m not sure if it’s data or my phone being dumb at this point.

Yes, the person has been dialing the meeting # and pin correctly. When they call in through their phone not connected to the app or internet, Jitsi connects them to a conference call that will not connect to the group at large.

We are seeing the same thing. For months I dismissed it to overload with all the folks who are working from home but we see it getting worse. Often, our phone only users are met with a busy signal. More often, they connect, enter the correct pin (verified), but are never placed into the conference room. Other times, we see them fading in and out - they appear in the conference and then they drop.

You are talking here about dialing in to conferences?

Yes, exactly. Thanks