Phone Call-in audio performance issue when connected to JaaS meetings

I am not sure if it is the best forum to ask this question but I will try nevertheless as I should not be the only one with this issue.
I have serious audio issue received on the a phone connected to any JaaS meetings
When we call a meeting using the call-in phone to a JaaS meeting where other desktop participants are already connected (for example calling: +1 408 228 4039) then it connects fine but as soon as more than 1 participant open the microphone, the audio received on the phone is almost unlistenable choppy. If it is one only microphone open, it is fine. Clearly there is an issue with mixing somewhere in the infrastructure. Am I missing something and/or Am I the only one to have this issue ?

If I do the same with my local Jitsi deployment + phone. It is fine.

Any help will be appreciated. I already contacted the JaaS official support but with little to no help.

– Philippe

Thanks, for the report we will check it out. For Jaas you should open support tickets.
Have you noticed when did that started?

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I am not sure when it started but I started to receive complains from customers yesterday. Then I checked myself and could confirm that independently of the meeting if 2 participants open their mic, the audio received on the phone is broken. Very likely no audio mixing is done on the PBX or similar. I did open a ticket with Jaas yesterday but with little and no real useful feedback except the usual questions (which conference, when it happens, etc… despite the fact that I mentioned that it happened all the time with all meetings). For info, In addition to the US numbers, I tried also an international phone number just in case and it is the same issue. Anyway. I am glad that you will be looking at it now and have some hope that it will be resolved soon.

Can you send me in a private message here in the forum a meeting url/name and the number you dialed from - your mobile, so I can gather useful info for the problem.
Thank you