Personalize functionalities for session and basic docs

hello, I’ve searched among jitsi website without finding any clear reference to what i need to know, so I’m asking here:

  1. is it possible to let admin selectively disable audio/video for participants without the option for the participants to re-enable them, creating a sort of listening-only meeting just like what happens in a classroom during a lesson?

  2. is it possible to selectively disable the chat functionality (globally or for some specific users) during the meeting by the session admin? just like the way he can mute all the mics without making possible for the users to re-enable it, temporary or permanently?

  3. is it possible for the participants to receive the chat history after finishing the meeting, in any way (mail, direct download, other)?

  4. is it possible to have more than one session manager, promoting a user to manager during the meeting somehow?

  5. how to set/unset a participant as relator during the meeting (I had one participant with the icon assigned on my self-hosted jitsi installation but don’t know how that happened)?

sorry if those are silly questions: as said above I tried to search among website and documentation but I found it a little dispersive and unclear about basic functionalities (like I presume my questions are), is there a manual for dummies somewhere?

thanks everyone

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Not, not unless you host your own server and adjust the configuration. See the config file, there are comments that may help understand if what you describe is possible.

No. Perhaps consider filing a feature request for this.

No, but it could probably be implemented similarly to audio recording. I am not aware that any data is stored or kept when a meeting ends. Perhaps also consider filing a feature request for this, I couldn’t find any previous issue mentioning it.


What do you mean by “relator” ?

Not that I am aware of. Asking here remains useful and fast for most people. Try to post one question per message. I personally prefer helping here than writing formal documentation at the moment to increase rapid adoption and gather most frequently asked topics to eventually write simpler documentation.

This French article has incredibly detailed information about using Jitsi Meet, if you don’t mind using online transaltion tools is may be useful to you.

first of all, thank you for the nice and complete reply

On a self-hosted installation, while testin the usage, one of the participants presented a blue icon with a megaphone, just like if it was somehow designed as relator of the meeting, but I wasnt able to further replicate the event. Wondering if I’m missing some keys apart the ones listed in options → shortcuts

thanks again

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Thanks for explaining, I had never heard that word before and I looked it up.

That icon is the “dominant speaker” indicator - see [jitsi-dev] Jitsi-meet speaker symbol

I didn’t find more information about this, perhaps someone else can provide more details on when this appears and why. It’s related to microphone activity.

If you meant how to change moderators, you can’t. On everyone is moderator (this is by design). On your own server (and in most public servers), whoever arrives first is the moderator. If they leave they lose this right, someone else inherits moderation.