Persistent rooms

Hello, i read may topics on this forum, but i cant found solution.
My task: i wish moderator to create room, set password, leave from the room and room SHOULD NOT be destroyed.
Other members should join in to the room with room’s password without any authentication and without moderator.
Now all members wait moderator to join, it is not my way.
I also use authentication to restrict access to create rooms.

There are no empty rooms in Jitsi.

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Unfortunately that’s not how Jitsi works – in Jitsi, rooms are automatically destroy once it is empty, and that is not a behaviour you can change easily.

Depending on your requirements, there are other options to consider:

  1. Using moderated meetings where you can generate URLs in advanced, one for guests and one for moderators:
  2. For more advanced use cases, you can build your own room management logic in a separate app, and integrate with it using the reservations module. Once activated, when someone first joins a room, the module will first make an API call to your endpoint to determine if the room is allowed to be created. Your endpoint can also return payload to influence how long the room is allowed to stay open for, max users, etc.

Also, there are posts in the forum that discuss persistent room passwords where the same password is reapplied when room is recreated. I have not tried it so cannot comment on how well it works, but this seems closer to what you originally had in mind.

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  • Enable “token” authentication

  • share the link with JWT

Does users have moderator rights with jwt auth?

It depends on how you configured authentication. Both are possible.