Persist chat on refresh

It appears that when you refresh / rejoin a jitsi conference, you are assigned a new JID, and as a result you lose ‘your’ chat history. The following happens:

  1. Any public chat messages you sent prior to the refresh now appear on the left side as if someone else had sent them
  2. Any private messages you sent or received prior to the refresh are no longer visible

Has anyone looked into how these chat messages might persist on refresh, so that your public chat appears the same after a refresh, and your private messages aren’t lost?

This is only possible if you use an authentication that will keep your jid, anonymous and (jwt is using anonymous in the back) are assigning new jid for every new connection.

Yea, makes sense. I’m thinking we could add an authentication token to local storage and use that on a refresh to authenticate that it’s the same user.

Do you know if Prosody has any modules or configs already prebuilt for something like that?

I have the same problem. And yes even tried with jwt and as the jid behaves as you describe.

What other authentication can be used? @damencho