Permissions of users and admins

first of all I would like to apologize for my bad English. Now to my problem: I use jitsi with the kids of my music club. So we have more than 20 participants in a call. Now the problem is that the kids, can mute and kick out the “admins” (the once who organized the call). Is there any way to prevent this? Some stuff like roles or that only the room creator could mute/kick other.
If this is Important: We have access to a web server but i dont understand the things with the API. However, I can only do a bit html and css.
I hope you can help me quickly. Thank you in advance. Greets, BKO

Are you using, or your own server?

If then, no, you cannot control this.

Yes, I use, how can I use my own server?

(But potentially not quite up your street, given how you rate your own skills.)

What do I do if I host my server on my own then how can I control this?

You will need to set up Host controls. That is automatically done in my project, which has school teachers as a target audience. Appreciate if you give it a try. However, the cloud solution will cost some money. The standalone solution, might break your website, it assumes that the server is dedicated - and for example, the CIS Level 1&2 benchmarks might break your website.
My project is here:

The other possibility, is follow the Quick Install instructions and add Access controls from here: