Permissions of specific directories when using docker-compose

We noticed that when using the docker-compose repo from sudo we end up with some directories that are not with root permissions.

Anyone know why this is happening?

drwxr-xr-x 2 systemd-coredump aarenet  51 Aug 13 09:00 jicofo
drwxr-xr-x 2 systemd-coredump aarenet  83 Aug 13 09:00 jvb

jicofo and jvb.
I found a chown command but changing that did not have any effect, do I need to build these two images to have the desired effect? What is systemd-coredump and why is it used?

here are the chown commands I found which seem related:


users jvb:jitsi and jicofo:jitsi are used

Did you get the ls output inside the container or on the host?

You should not run docker-compose as root, it’s usually source of problems.

On the host

Ok thanks, good to know.

The ownership differs based on where it’s checked because a userid matches different users inside the container and on the host

It used to be root (maybe because we ran docker-compose with root) but now it isn’t even though we did not change anything… I wonder why