Permission not granted & very slow in FireFox

Hi everyone,

I seem to have a bunch of problems trying to get Jitsi to work in FireFox (latest version 74.0):

  • It took me ± 12-15 page reloads before I got pop-ups to allow both my microphone and my webcam
  • Whenever I open the settings, it’s extremely slow to load the preview
  • I can click the dropdown for Microphone, but can’t select my headset’s microphone, see the picture below. It keeps remaining stuck on my webcam’s microphone.
  • My cam is showing ‘Permission not granted’ even though about:preferences#privacy clearly states that it does have permission
  • Microphone permissions are also visible in about:preferences#privacy
  • When I F5, also Microphone will show ‘Permission not granted’. After a min or so it goes to ‘None’ and after yet another couple of minutes it’ll show the selection in the screenshot below, if I’m lucky…
  • Same problems on


Could someone point me into the right direction as to what, if anything, I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Somewhat of a bump, but seems to work perfectly in Chrome. So the issue seems to be only with FireFox.

Seems unnacceptable that this FOSS doesn’t support FOSS Firefox :frowning:

I seem to be having a similar problem in Chrome. I have the latest Chrome for Windows, and will ask for microphone permissions, but not for camera.
I’ve used this same hardware last week without any issues.
Several other people that I’ve tried to meet with also said that it would not connect to their cameras.

I have this issue with Firefox release 75 + Brave Version 1.8.90 Chromium: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit)
both browsers the webcam and audio activated and functional on the first meeting.
New random named Meeting created the option to give permission does not appear. cleared cookies - started a new meeting the approval popup to use webcam and mic - appears s and it is functional. . - Closed meeting within 10 seconds started new meeting. No popup ( webcam and mic checked and they are approved by the browser but not in the meeting settings) and unable to activate either video or audio in the meeting window. (same issue on both browsers) (sorry to say both Skype and zoom do work.)…