Performance Tests


Is there an official document for performance tests in Jitsi? what is maximal user number in one or parallel video conferences?


In parallel conferences you’re only limited by your server specs; JVB scales horizontally and if needed you can spread the conferences over multiple shards to spread the signalling load horizontally as well.

In one room it’s a bit trickier. At avstack we are regularly testing 300 users in a room without issues using a controlled load testing environment, but a real-world conference that large will be very likely to see some users having trouble due to poor connectivity, low-spec devices, etc.

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Thank you!

Is there an official Jitsi’s position on the subject? Like, do you have a manual or a paper to suggest such scalability designs?

There is no documentation or anything on the subject. As there is no magic answer to cover everything.
Everything depends on the design and configuration of the deployment, the choice of cloud and machines, and the behavior of those machines.
Scalability designs you can find in the video section (the last video) Video Tutorials · Jitsi Meet Handbook

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