Performance on mobile's browser


Jitsi is very great project and I’m using this lib to implement my own customized room on mobile’s browser so that everyone who doesn’t install mobile app can use. After a few month of deployment and testing I release that, voice (no video) is not stable as users use the same room’s url on desktop’s browser.
For example if I have 7,8 people join in the room on mobile’s browser, there are 2,3 of them often can’t hear anything throughout the meeting. When they switch to desktop, everything is fine. The browser’s version they use support webrtc.
I believe jitsi’s server side has no problem with this small size of room but I’m afraid that there is something wrong with performance on mobile’s browser. It’s really a bad user experience that I want to fix but I still have no idea where the problem come from. Any suggestion for this?


There is hard to give any advise cause we do not use lib-jitsi-meet with the browser and we discourage this use, as the mobile sdk and mobile app is the way we use it, test it and fix bugs.
I suppose you are using it with latest chrome that is available on Android … for example the lib is used in the mobile app with react-native-webrtc which currently is a little behind chrome versions, its around 69 I think and soon we will move to 72… the other difference that I think you may have there is a special handling for ipv6 to ipv4 addresses where somtimes mobile networks offer only ipv6 addresses … there are cases like this which are tested and handled for the mobile app which are not possible to handle in the web browser.

That’s why I asked you whether repro this with, if you do then can be a bug in the library … no, means you need to debug and find what you miss when using the browser … this is what comes to my mind …


Is it related to this announcement? According to the announcement, it’s is fixed for all, including on the browser version?


Well I don’t know … It maybe related, this announcement is that the has ipv6 support. It was an infrastructure change, all components were supporting ipv6 from the beginning.
Before this change/announcement if you connect for example from T-Mobile data service in US you will get only ipv6 address and if you mobile app is missing the ipv6 to ipv4 trick no connection will be possible …