Performance mode for musicians, comedians, etc

Hi all,

As many countries are currently in lockdown there’s been a dramatic increase in performers making use of video conferencing software to host shows. Events with multiple performers seem to like video conferencing systems for this as it makes it trivial to switch between artists throughout the night; however, the technical needs of performances are very different to those of conversations. As such, I’d like to propose a “performance mode” option which makes a number of automatic changes to the stream settings, such as:

  • Mute all participants besides the currently designated performer
  • Possibly even stop all video from other participants as well to provide maximum bandwidth for the performer
  • Disable all audio pre-processing (e.g. echo cancellation, etc.); although perhaps some optional performance specific effects could be introduced, such as reverb for musicians
  • Increase the audio bitrate (even at the detriment to video quality if necessary, especially for musical performances the audio quality is of paramount importance)
  • Increase the buffer size (latency is no longer a concern, but the smoothness of playback is)

I’d envisage this as being an option that can be switched into and out of during a call, allowing the MC to hold conversations with the artists, audience, etc. between performances as normal, and only switching into performance mode when a performer takes to the stage.

Maybe a good GSoC project for someone?


Hi Mike, I’ll just add my 5cents to this wonderful idea.

  • asymmetrical bandwidth: the performer broadcasts in HD and the general public can attend in SD or low quality, to save bandwidth
  • an integrated music player for the performer. Think for example to a fitness instructor. He plays music then teaches a lesson
  • or (easier) an integrated AUDIO MIXER, to collect audio from the various system sound sources/apps and mix them (in windows there is a 3rd party app called SoundMeeter Potato which does the thing)

“Performance mode” should be a button/option on the performer window, easily accessible.

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I am a music teacher and I need the best audio quality to teach my classes.

Zoom now has the option to select “original audio”. Something similar might be fine in Jitsi. Discord even allows you to select the audio bitrate, but only up to 96kpps. With a good connection it could be increased up to 192kbps, and maybe reduce the video quality.

Allowing the user to have control over that kind of configuration would be a great bet for professional quality for Jitsi.

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Here is what you can try: append #config.disableAP=true to your meeting URL. Example:

Note that this will also disable echo cancellation, so you’ll need to use a headset.


Great!! I’ve tried it and it works, although I can’t hear my own sound in the headphones.
However I was now on my old laptop which doesn’t have a good mic and I can’t quite appreciate the quality change.
You know what bitrate I get for doing that?

Local audio is always muted, there is no setting for it.

Opus uses variable bitrate and will adapt based on network conditions. With that setting you are disabling the AEC, NS and AGC filtering.

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And you know the maximum bitrate Opus allows? My internet is pretty good, I have 600 Mb linear fiber optics.
A bypass, allowing the computer audio or with a minimum compression, for example mp3 at 256kbps and 44hz would be best.