People from different region across the world are joining different rooms while room name is same

Unable to communicate between people when joining from different region in the world. I am able to communicate with the people from my country (India) but when someone joins from different country then I could not connect with him. But in the same meet when 2 people from Portugal joined they were able to communicate with each other but I could not hear them. What could be the reason for this error?For reference I have used the lib-jitsi-meet functionality

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How are you fronting the deployment in front of the shards to route the calls to the correct shard?

I am facing the same issue, using Jitsi Low Level API when I am creating a Conference Room using same roomName, in different countries people still join in different rooms

I was just trying to explore and I found out that both the person are not directed to the same shard. What is the right way to route them to the same shard?

What is the deployment you use? How is it setup?

I found out the bug. Actually while creating the connection I was setting the room name to empty string while calling the buildOptions method and because of that this error was generated and different participants were routed to different shards. But I have fixed it now. Thanks for the support!