Peertube streaming support

peertube supports streaming since version v3. It would be good to have an option on jitsi UI. At the moment it possible to use peertube streaming via URL
Thank you.

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I be interested in this as well, would be nice to stream the video to Peertube.

it would have to be streamed via URL b/c there are many instances,

You can use live streaming as shown in the PeerTube doc Live Stream Jitsi but when I do that Jitsi stops after a few seconds, does not even start

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take a look at this thread. What it suggest to me is that peertube’s streaming behaviour is not very consistent, or at least not in the same way as the Jitsi-meet reference streaming platform.

I get cannot open a connection to tcp://

I also installed Stream to any OR Multiple RTMP Destinations + Record Simultaneously - Install & Config / Record & stream - Jibri - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users

Disabled FB etc and change the YT channeld to be peertube. still connection error. i suspect firewall issues.