Peer 2 Peer Jitsi support

I am looking to restrict my users to just use only p2p meetings just to avoid the cloud bandwidth charges. I am trying to find out if Jitsi supports that?
and how I do it?
In case it can be done, do we need signaling, STUD and TURN running separate from VB?

Thank you

You need Stun server configured so p2p to be able to work. You also need a TURN server to relay traffic when direct p2p is not possible, it uses cloud bandwidth. Currently, there is no option to disable jvb connection cause jitsi-meet is a video conferencing solution and without SFU it cannot be used as such.

but in the case where only 2 people in the call, is that still using the video bridge to send the video feeds? and use the cloud bandwidth?

Thank you

Depends. p2p is not always possible, sometimes firewalls does not allow it. When it is not possible jvb or a relay server as turn server is used.

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