PBX integration fails in docker image


I tried to integrate FreePBX in Jitsi Docker. I folloewd this guide but cannot start jigasi service as mentioned at the end of point 4.

root@meet:/opt/docker/jitsi-meet# systemctl restart jigasi
Failed to restart jigasi.service: Unit jigasi.service not found.

Does the tutorial differs to requirements of docker installations?

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards

Correct, I did not use Docker. This was based on a straight bare metal install using Ubuntu, no Docker.
The error seems like you probably don’t have jigasi installed though. I’d start there.

No, I didn’t yet as I thought that it is part of the docker immage. I found some jigasi called directories within the image. That might explain my suggestion.

I will install jigasi by now and will see if I am able to proceed.

Thank you so far. Will get back once I struggle again.

Kind regards

PS: Will you also write a turtorial for for the PBX integration based on Docker image?