Payload size for room.sendCommandOnce()

I’m using lib-jitsi-meet for my application. Can you please let me know if there is any limit on the payload which we can send using room.sendCommandOnce()?

I have a payload of around 2-3Mb which I want to share with all the participants.

Kindly help.

Well that data should not go through the signalling … That will bring hard time for prosody processing it, especially if you are broadcasting it to many people. And if there are limits configured you will immediately hit them and can be just slow for some period …

I’m using room.sendCommandOnce to send a command to all other participants when a user turns on/off their camera so that I update the UI accordingly.
The command is received by the remote users on the first 2 times and it is not received again.

Initially I was using onTrackMuted to handle it but the listener receives it only twice.

This is already handled by the library. It sets audio/video muted extension in the presence, the same way as command works.