Passwords in Jitsi Meet Rooms

hello when I create a room in jitsi meet and I put a password on it, it works at the moment then if I want to access the same room every day the room appears without password why?

The room is created when the first user joins and is destroyed when the last one leaves.

Perfect, thank you very much for your answer
my doubt is resolved.

Hola tengo la siguiente duda.
Creo una reunion con video llamada y una vez que termino la reunion quiero borrar dicha sala para que nadie mas pueda entrar a ella.
Como se hace?

Hola Fernando,
si hiciste la configuración de Jitsi con auth internal_plain o de otra manera, cuando la última persona sale de la sala, se cierra automaticamente y la siguiente persona que quiere visitarla tiene que presentar usuario y contraseña.

Hola pero esa opcion es siempre y cuando me descargo Jitsi en mi pc?

Hello, is there any possibility to KEEP the password for the named room? If this is not possible, it would help a bit if the link to the room could be canceled.
I´d like to use the room for a meeting with my pupils, but I´d like to avoid that later something bad could happen in this “classroom” that I opened for them.

This maybe isn’t much of help if you are not hosting your own server with Authentication turned on (which is extremly convenient, as only authenticated users have moderator rights like kicking out guests), but at the end of class you could change the password of the room, kick everyone out who’s not leaving on it’s own, and stay connected to the room for a while. So nobody can get back in while you are in, without knowing the password.

And afaik there is no video or audio actually transmitted if there is only one user which would be saving bandwith (at least at the start of a session, maybe not at the end; please correct me on that)

Hello when I invitate to a meeting I put a password after de link, copy it and mail it to the competetors with the password also in the mail, but they all get acses without using the password. what’s wrong

it’s that you don’t understand the user interface, you have to validate your input by hitting Enter else the password is not saved as can be checked by clicking the Share Link Button 2 times to hide/display again the Share window.

i tried and sent an invitation to my other account there I double clicked the link and indeed I was asked for the password.
I still do not understand what happening because clicking once gives also acsess.
Or must I click double the link before sending?

It works now also with one click