Password vanishes every time I close my room

Hello folks,

I created via Browser a room for meetings.
I created a password too.

But when I close the room and enter it later again there is no more password.
the room opens, now request for Pasword asked
I have to create it again.
Whats my fault?

Thank you :slight_smile:


thats just how Jitsi Meet in a default setup works. Rooms are created on the fly when the first user joins and are destroyed after the last user left. Nothing is stored about the conference on the server side. The list of recent conferences that is shown in the Browser or App is stored in the localStorage, i.e., on the client side.
So if you join the same room again, its actually another room thats created and just happens to be available through the same room name :smiley:

If you happen to host our own Jitsi deployment, you can try to apply one of the workarounds discussed in this thread to achieve an illusion of persistent rooms/passwords.


There is huge and solved discussion here:
They created a lua module for prosody to save room password. It’s a long post but at the end there are some summary.

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