Password setting

I cannot set the password! See printscreen…
When I send the link to a user there is no passwor needed? password_setting
Does anybody now why? Browser Microsoft Edge Version 81.0.416.58 (64-Bit) THXS Magnus

Try using Chrome, compare with Firefox too. I’ve seen different behavior depending on features.
Perhaps file a bug report if you find discrepancies.

THXS! Firefox 72.02 & Google Chrome 80.0.3987.163 the same problem!

Another hint : you must be the first to arrive to a room (so you’re the host) in order to set the password, if I remember well.

What happens when you click “Add Password” ?

I can set the password as an organizer in the chatroom. When I send it to somebody and open the link, there is no password required… When I come back to the chatromm (as an organizer) the password is not set anymore…

If you (“the host”) completely leave the room I don’t believe the password persists.
It’s best to set it when you’re ready to start the meeting.

That means: I enter the room and every person who likes to attend has to enter with the password which distribute when?

This screen does not pop-up…

In the mobile app it works but not in the browser?

Same question from me. I can enter a password and set it but it does not get sent to the person I want to talk to in the automatically copied part
So I add it manually in the e-mail I send. But it feels like a miss in the program. Using Thunderbird on Win 10 with latest updates and no issues.

New problem that I hope gets solved or someone can explain what I´m doing wrong.
Win10 thunderbird.
I click jitsi meet and enter meeting name in the box. Fine.
This opens meeting. Fine.
Add password. Fine
But no way to save password so meeting goes without meeting
Click copy. Fine but this seems to reset to no password.
Paste the copied into an e.mail. Fine. But no password visible.
Meeting part joins meeting without password.

What am I doing wrong?

I have exactly the sam problem!!! Only in the mobile app I can set a password. Is there no help in the blog?

Hmm… this would be a bug then.

If you exit the meeting as a moderator (or only/last participant) I believe everything is gone. Rooms are NOT persistent.

In fact if you are the moderator and you leave, and others stay in the room, someone else will be given moderator rights with the ability to change/remove the password.

I see this as a good compromise with having to register everyone and having more management learning curve (and features).

MagicFab is right. The password is not persistent, so if you set the password in the meeting, then leave the meeting, once you rejoin the meeting, there is NO password. AFTER you set one no-one not already in the meeting can enter. IMO this is a good compromise, as when everyone you want is in the room you can set a password preventing anyone else from entering. But do pick a room name that is not too general!

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I don’t know if this helps anyone. I had the same problem with Firefox until I discovered that after clicking add password and then typing the password you have to be sure to press the enter key otherwise the password is not set. I can’t comment on other browsers. I only use Firefox.

So I can’t prevent anybody to join the meeting before I set the password. Right?
I just can kick unwanted users after I set the password. Right?

Well, I am new here, but I think you are right!

Opening a new room and setting its password in the same run is one of the most wanted features.
I hope one of the Jitsi Meet developers finds a way to implement it because I am to stupid to do so. :slight_smile:

So for Firefox users you “Add password” by writing it xxxxx and then you have to press “enter”?

FIne it sticks or seems to BUT it does not get “copied” automatically in the part you then insert into the mail/message you send to the people you invite.

I hope someone can work this out.

Have a great day!

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Hi Matterhorn,
I had same issue with password setting, could not figure out.

The solution (for me): you have to click on “add password”, type it in and hit the return key (ENTER).
only then the password is saved in the room!
the copy function is not copying the password if you want to share the URL (seems a correct feature although not really necessary if you share everything together with Signal or Matrix, or even email)
I hope this answers your question.