Password manadotory when creating a room

Can the password be mandatory when a room is created?

I don’t want to restrict room creation but, for every created room, a password should be entered before the room is created so only users with the password can join the room.


Sorry, there is no such option at the moment.

How about making the length of a room name a relatively long minimum length? That way the room name itself will function as a sort of password: more bits of entropy for an attacker to have to guess.

Personally, I think it’d be a better solution anyhow, since Jitsi doesn’t seem to save passwords for rooms so they need to be re-entered every time which can be tedious.

Yep, we are working on article and in UI warnings.

this would be a great and important feature. maybe it could be as simple as whats used with requireDisplayName: true, :smiley:
Perhaps I could offer a bounty to get something like this done sooner vs later?