Password locked room through iFrame api

I have been trying to set it up so that if i provide in the options variable to JitsiMeetExternalApi to lock the meeting behind a password, so I can bypass going to security options to lock room behind a password. So my question is where are all the location I need to add code to achieve this and, if possible, a guide on how to do this
thank you

You need to be a moderator in the room and also set the password after you joined the conference.

so how do i programmatically accomplish this? without using any ui

Wait for this event: IFrame API | Jitsi Meet
And set it with the password command:
IFrame API | Jitsi Meet

thank you so much

@damencho I noticed there doesn’t seem to be an event for when the password has been changed, I would like to have this event in order to update the password in our database. So how do I add this event. If this is too involved how to i remove the password section in security options?

I don’t think that is exposed to the iframe API. But I think there is such an event delivered to jitsi-meet as you can see in the UI when someone sets a password.

You can hide the security button:

I don’t recall having a property to hide just password.

There is this:

I’m not very familiar with those, as it is a new thing.

But maybe you can get notified when that button is clicked or something.