Passing URL parameters into

I have a product which gives users a link to I would like to pass through the POST or GET buffer a parameter to enable some options such as Lobby mode for the host link. Something like this:
'<form action=‘’

Is this possible? Are there HTML commands that can get passed into Jitsi?

How to customize meeting options

Thank you emrah. There are a lot of customizations that can take place. I don’t see what I am looking for so I either missed it or maybe it will be added later.

Specifically, I would like to call with the host having Lobby mode enabled and I would like the participants to then enter the Lobby to wait for the host. I would also like to turn off the ability of the participants to record the meeting (legal reasons for my application).

Thanks again emrah.

I was able to find one of the things I wanted, which was to start a meeting with audio only (#config.startWithVideoMuted=true).

I’m on the hunt now for a parameter to suppress the prompt to install the Chrome extension. Is there one?
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Now I’m looking to suppress the initial prompt for the attendee name and supply that via the URL, so that clicking the link jumps right into the meeting w/o pausing to input the name. I tried callDisplayName and subject, but those aren’t it. Is there a parameter to do that?

Hi dlWest, did you manage to pass these parameters?

If this is your custom server, you can activate the JWT authentication and pass the display name in the token.



Disable asking for the display name by setting requireDisplayName to false in config.js. The users will only be prompted before sending a chat.