Passing secure domain authentication parameters in URL

Hi everyone,

I am building an app in which I would like to offer video calls using jitsi. I have installed jitsi on a private server and my intention is that users of my app can select another user and call them. The result of this is that my system creates a new room using my server, connects the caller and invites the recipient.

To facilitate basic security, my intention is to generate a random hash and use it as a room name. The idea simply is that it would be extremely difficult for a third party to stumble upon a created room, as such the room is “private” as long as the link to the room is sent securely.

This serves my needs perfectly, however there is one rather large problem. Suppose the welcome page where I currently create my jitsi rooms is Although my rooms are somewhat protected by virture of the hard-to-guess names, anyone who knows the address can create rooms. While researching how to solve this problem, I came across the following info:

The problem is that once this is implemented, one must enter one’s credentials manually everytime one creates a room. This is obviously problematic from the point of view of my app. I would love to be able to create just one authorised account and have my system use that account to create each and every single room, inviting/redirecting the users involved in the call after creation. I hoped to have found the answer here :

How to pass authentication credentials in URL

but alas, the conversation trailed off without solution.

Is there a way to achieve what I have described? I cannot find a way to have my system authenticate itself and create rooms without manually inputting the credentials.

Many thanks for your time and help, all the best,

Not a solution, but this has been reporte here :