Participants videos not visible even though they are on

Since December 1, 2022, I have been facing an issue with Jitsi. The video of the participants do not show up even though it is on. The error message says that the video has been turned off due to low bandwidth. This happens when they join from the app that already exists on their phone. If they download the app for the first time, the video shows up. If the app is updated from the playstore, the video shows up sometimes. When they join from a browser, it works most of the time.

They can see me but I get a message saying the bridge has failed and my video quality will be reduced. The participants also say that my video is very blurred.

Please fix this issue as I am really comfortable with Jitsi and do not wish to migrate to any other platform.



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Is this on or your own deployment?

What app version do they have? We are currently rolling out version 22.7.0, so some people might be running the previous release.