Participants sees only moderator


I have installed jitsi server on my server. I embedded jitsi to my web site via external api and now I want to change some functionality;

I want the moderator sees all participants while participants can only see moderator. (lastChannelN is not an enough solution since a dominant speaker can change the largevideo)

I downloaded the jitsi meet code and succesfully compiled it and redirect nginx but I not an expert in react or javascript and could not find where I can programatically disable channel subscriptions if the new participant is not local participant or moderator

Could any one suggest which event/module/function would be best to modify?

Or is this functionality requires modification on lib-jitsi-meet api(which I did not have a chance to look yet)

Thanks in advance



Same needs i have, anyone has a solution on this?

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Hi !

I need the same… Is there any workaround ?
Do you solved it in some way @K2aN @KIVANC ?

Thank you !