Participants muted to each other

we just installed a new jitsi meet server on google cloud ubuntu 20

no other services on the same server

we can access normally to meeting room

if 2 participants joined from the same country everything works fine

if 2 participants joined from different countries they appear muted to each other with no audio or video works on both sides [Egypt - USA]

if anyone knows what is the problem here please share how to solve it

thank you very much

Do you experience the same with
How did you install debian packages or docker?
It is something about the turnserver, if you have used debian packages that come with turnserver by default, you may try to move the turnserver to use port 443 with another dns …

on everything works fine with us from 2 different countries

we installed it from debian packages

i will try this solution now and see if it works fine

thank you very much :slight_smile: :heart:

hello @damencho

we tried all steps here

also tried from other resources to reach the same results but no chance

we have a problem with turn host when we try to get the certificate

we always get a result that challenge failed for domain name “

FYI our server domain is

You need a second dns for the turnserver

can you explain please how to do this ??

can i create for example subdomain and link it to the same ip

and use it as a turnserver ??