Participants joined same conference with different conference name

I made online class app with jitsi, Something strange happened this night, The teachers and students in the two classes joined the same conference. This kind of incident has never happened before, How can I debug this problem? any logs where I could find? Two classes started in same time 2021-04-30T01:15:00Z.

You could try checking the simple first…

Did/does the two classes have different (unique) meeting room names?

Which of the two meeting room’s did everyone end up in?

You may not want to share this for privacy reasons, but it would be interesting for you to compare the two meeting’s actual URLs (e.g. meeting links) used by the two different groups. Maybe the actual link that was sent out was the same, even if the visible text for each of the links was different?

Yes, a room name called bic-room-class-90xbsz9x. another called bic-room-class-8p8w21u6

I am not sure

the room names are generated by program code and differently

This is exactly what I want to check, but now that the class is over, how can I track the situation at that time?

Do you use (host) your own Jitsi server?

If so I suggest wading though your Jitsi’s servers web log files.

I checked log /var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log , it include bic-room-class-90xbsz9x and bic-room-class-8p8w21u6, that’ so weird.