Participants constantly coming on Jitse Meet with Microphones Muted


I am having a problem with Participants coming on my Jitse meet platform with their microphones, unknown to them, on mute. It creates a lot of confusion at the start of the conference calls. They don’t realize that their mikes are on mute - and some “muted” Participants just leave the platform altogether because they don’t know how to fix the problem.

Or the Participants and I have to fumble around to sort out the problem, while the other Participants have to wait. Its a lousy way to start an important business conference call.

I examined my settings. I left unchecked the “start Participants on mute” setting. So the problem is not my settings.

Still I can count on the problem occurring like clockwork. Okay maybe not every time. But it happens enough that it is frustrating - hence the reason for my request for assistance from you, I should mention as well that the “muted” Participants all claim not to have muted themselves.

Can you assist me?



Is this on or on your own server?

Freddie -

The former. On

I don’t have my own server.


Can you maybe try in incognito (private mode) on your browser? Just to rule out the possibility that the setting got cached at some point.

I am just a regular computer user.

My browser is Vivaldi, which is based on Chrome.

I am not sure what incognito (private mode is).

There is a private window function?


I haven’t used Vivaldi, but I imagine like all standard browsers, it has a private mode. Go to “File” in the menu bar and you’ll likely see something that says “New Private Window” or “New Private Tab” in the menu list.

Freddie, Yes - I see it under file. I have a conference call scheduled for tomorrow,9 am EST. I will try it out. And let you know, thanks Robert

@Robert_Cohen Before anyone joins a meeting on they go through the so-called Pre-Join screen, where you can turn on or off the camera and the mic, before joining. Your selection will be stored for the next meeting, as this is considered the setting you want to use for your meetings. So it is up to the user to make a proper selection on the Pre-Join screen. There is a similar screen and on the mobile app.
Also, there are the settings startAudioMuted: 25, startVideoMuted: 25, which means that anybody that joins after the meeting has reached 25 participants will be audio and video muted (this will not affect their personal selection on the Pre-Join screen).


Thanks for this.

So, if I understand what you are saying, the Participant first goes through a Pre-Join screen where he or she is given a choice to turn on/off their camera or mike before joining the meeting.

So the Participant need to make the proper choice before they join the meeting - its up to them whether they want to mute themselves or turn off their camera. It not something I control or can affect.

Okay, that is easy enough - and make sense to me.

Thank you very much.