Participants cannot see each other


One of our users using Chrome or Safari on his own IOS cannot see himself (video) but sees participants.
Another IOS user sees all participants but others cannot see him on Android and IOS as well.
The microphone icon on the bottom of the avatar is almost always crossed out even if we can hear that participant.

On site when we create a room everythink works fine.

Reading Jitsi’s logs I cannot see any errors.
Jicofo log only contains one warning. This message appears more times, here it is:
Jicofo 2022-10-10 08:11:46.295 WARNING: [1850] [ meeting_id=47c03f85-b412-441d-b143-fd73275abf3b participant=432c9c36] ParticipantInviteRunnable.lambda$doRun$0#193: Failed to convert ContentPacketExtension to Media:

Ubuntu 22.04 on Hetzner

root@jitsi:/var/log/jitsi# dpkg -l | grep jitsi
ii jitsi-meet 2.0.7882-1 all WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii jitsi-meet-prosody 1.0.6644-1 all Prosody configuration for Jitsi Meet
ii jitsi-meet-web 1.0.6644-1 all WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii jitsi-meet-web-config 1.0.6644-1 all Configuration for web serving of Jitsi Meet
ii jitsi-videobridge2 2.2-45-ge8b20f06-1 all WebRTC compatible Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)
ii lua-basexx 0.4.1-jitsi1 all baseXX encoding/decoding library for Lua
ii lua-cjson:amd64 amd64 JSON parser/encoder for Lua

Maybe somebody can help me where can I do further check?

Hello berti1, hello community
your problem sounds similar to mine and I hope, anyone could help us:
on debian 10 and now even on debian 11 fresh install I can use my jitsi-Installation fine, as long as I use a Browser
Using the jitsi-app on android or iOS doesn´t work properly: the app doesnt show video of other participants.
Audio seems to work, but there is no video and no screen sharing to see inside the app.

My Debian 10 Server was running fine for over one year and o n October 8th 2022 we found the problems when using jitsi app. …maybe this problem exists a bit longer, but we found it on 8th of Oct

We have done a completely new installation … like autumn clean-up … but the problem is still there.

debian 11 server at netcup

dpkg -l | grep jitsi
ii jitsi-meet
2.0.7882-1 WebRTC JavaScript video conferences







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thanks a lot: first test seems to work.

Thank you @damencho !

Thank you @damencho we test it as soon as possible and send feedback to you.

The problem still exists when a participant from MacBook starts a meeting and another one connected with iPhone cannot see him.
It doesn’t work on site as well.