Participants can here my voice, but not music


I’ve been using Jitsi for a while without many problems, but suddenly participants can 't here the music that I put on anymore, but they can still here my voice. How is that possible?
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How are you putting that music?

Usually I use an i pod and speaker, but when it didn’t work I tried everything: youtube, smartphone, i tunes on another laptop… I might have to change the audio settings of jitsi. Trying to figure it out.

But sometimes I can’t even open the audio settings.

Not sure I follow, sorry. Can you please describe, step by step, what you do and what exactly changed?

I have been using jitsi a lot of times already, without major problems, for dance classes, where I also use music. Suddenly the participants couldn’t here my music anymore, but only my voice. I’m trying to figure out how to fix it.

Sorry, but I need to ask for the third time. How are you putting the music? Is it some virtual cable doing the mixing, a loudspeaker in the background, etc. Please provide details of your setup.

I use an i pod that is connected with bluetooth with a loudspeaker besides my laptop.

So you’re saying the ipod sends the music to a speaker through bluetooth and the speaker is placed next to the laptop so the microphone in the laptop picks up the sound (of the music)? If so, what about your voice? Are you using some kind of microphone or just speaking normally?

I suspect the echo canceller got better. Can you try this? Append #config.disableAP=true to the meeting URL before joining. Does it make a difference?

I 'm not using a microphone for my voice. I speak normally.
I found out if I put my speaker right in front of the laptop, that the participants can here the music again.
I don’t understand what you suggested tot try.