Participants are able to dismiss Display name popup

Hi all,

In our set-up, we force participants to enter a display name by changing the -config.js to
requireDisplayName: true.

The popup is shown as expected and a participant can fill his/her name as expected. (see screenshot)


However, a participant can also just;

  1. Click on “cancel” (or in general, the dismiss button)
  2. (accidentally) click outside the popup

Both actions result in the default name “fellow guest” which is exactly what we want to prevent.
I’m wondering if this is intended behavior and if there is a way to prevent participants from dismissing the popup.

I can also imagine that this will work differently in the near future with the lobby / pre-join functionality?


Hi, Did you find any solution?

This issue was resolved for us when the pre-join functionality was introduced a while ago.
By configuring requireDisplayName=true in config.js a participant would need to fill in a nickname

If you are self hosting or via you can test this out by using:

Please note that a participant is still able to change/remove his nickname from the settings during calls.
In order to prevent this you can change SETTINGS_SECTIONS in interface_config.js

Hello, thanks for reply. As you said before when I set requiredDisplayName= true, the participants are still be able to dismass popup by pressing cancel button or Esc button on keyboard. How to prevent to dismass popup by participants? I mean change this function to mandatory.
Thanks in advanced

In the end we did not fix this as the pop-up is bypassed. Using the prejoin screen a user must now provide a nickname before joining a meeting. If you are self hosting make sure to enable prejoin by changing prejoinPageEnabled: True in config.js

Much appreciate.

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