Participant unable to hear my audio

Hi I have been using Jitsi several years and suddenly on Monday one of the participant was unable to hear me. she signed in and out several times and finally got sound after she noticed it was asking for her name so she thought the problem was solved, But it agin happened to her today and she did not hear ny of our mtg. And a second participant today had the same issue she tried also to sign back in a couple of times with no luck :frowning:

What devices and operating systems were you using?

I’m using a Mac book pro with macOS Monterey and the participant said she uses a Mac with the same operating system.

Thank you!

And what Browser? Safari doesn’t really work.

That is simply not true. If it has bugs we ought to fix them, but Safari has worked well for a while now.

I have continued to have issues with my participants not being able to hear me. They said sometimes it like Im under water so it is very distorted. My screen freezes on them. And some say they get booted off. Some had told me it has to do with your Internet provider/connection but today I was asked by one participant to switch to Zoom that they never have these issues on zoom. So how could it be the internet connection if they never have issues on zoom?