Participant privacy - Only moderator can see everyone

I have a bit of a weird setup question, which I suspect might be a feature request.
I would like to have a moderator to stream video+audio and should also be able to see and hear every participant.
The restriction I want however is for the participants to NOT see each others video. Audio might be optionally available, but would be ok to also be limited from each indiviual participant to the moderator.

The requirement for this setup comes from online yoga classes, where the teacher would like to see the participants, but they should only be able to see the teacher.
The participants in online yoga classes are often hesitant to turn on their video, if they know that now the other participants (who they might not know, who have turned off their video and might be doing whatever) are watching them. But for the teacher it would be often helpful to see if the participants (especially beginners) are doing the poses in a correct way and also to not only speak into the “black hole” of the camera.

Is there a way to have a setup like that, or would this be something that could be a feature request?
I am not sure if I had the right buzzwords to look for, so maybe there is already a discussion for a setup like that, that I missed.

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Okay. So what I get it, that it is possible and a setup question. Which is great.

From this post:

I get that it might be enough to set the hiddenDomain equal to the anonymousdomain. Sorry for my basic questions, but I am not sure though, where to set that hiddenDomain? I was looking around in the documentation and found different possibilites:
/srv/jitsi-meet/config.js from the openSUSE self deployment guide
/etc/jitsi/meet/yourdomain-config.js from Jibri github
Or is it something inside the prosody setup, as mentioned in your quote? But I found nothing inside the respective documentatio Configuring Prosody – Prosody IM or “Manual installation” documentation on Jitsi.

I also found nothing inside the “Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server” which I intend to use.
Which documentation should I look into?

This one. You set it in that config.js.

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Hi @EeE. Im facing the same exact requirement. Have you been able to do it?
I try what’s here but when a participant turns on the camera then it is visible by everyone.

thanks a lot

Hi , can you guide in brief , how you managed to achieve this , i am having same kind requierment