Participant just for screen sharing

Hi all,

How can implement a participant mode where a participant joins only to share his screen (sends or receives nothing more):

  1. send no video, audio -> this part is quite simple: i could force mute
  2. Send a video only when he uses screen sharing -> think i could achieve this too
  3. receives no video and audio (the SFU will not forward the A/V streams) -> dont know for this part

Any idea how to achieve 3 ?

  • modifications in jitsi-meet / lib-jitsi-meet is enough for this ?
  • or I should dig into jvb / jicofo ?


Checkout audio-only mode, I think we send something like lastN=0 or something like that to indicate we do not want any video received.

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Wow thanks,

Nice, have to:

  1. set channelLastN=0, (no video/audio received)

  2. mute both audio/video and hide buttons

  3. hide thumbnails (just aesthetic)

  4. avoid sharing participant share webcam video when terminating desktop sharing

  5. how can i avoid audio playback ?(not so problematic if transmitted from jvb)
    maybe remove from DOM all <audio/> (:see_no_evil:)

I think i could manage this :slight_smile:

This is only for video, it is called audio-only mode. You can test it on meet and see what signalling goes out when you set it.

Maybe yeah.