Participant Group Web embedded Call

Hi - Brand new to Jitsi but unknowingly, have used it on various game sites for a while. I know have designed a couple of large virtual escape rooms and virtual murder mystery games, the former standalone games and the latter hosting and using live actors.

I recently played a virtual escape room where, once my group entered the escape room the Jitsi video camera started allowing me to chat and see only the people in my group, no host or install.

I want this but can’t quite work out which solution or project this is on the site. ANy help please?

you just want one single room for whole game? it’s not a good idea as currently official has a hard limit on participant count of 75 and even after around 40 you will get performance degrade (edit : latest jitsi stable’slimit has been upgraded to around 300 which I haven’t tested yet) . So, it is better to allocate each team a single room for smoother performance. you can allocate room like and enable lobby.

Now do you want the host to interact with every team all the time simultaneously? then you can checkout “breakout rooms” and it is not possible in official but you can search for open source instance or checkout this

Thanks for the reply Fuji. I guess this is two separate projects. The escape room is meant for smaller groups (less than 40) and not hosted. Each group would talk to each other only.

The larger hosted groups is for the murder mystery and then would absolutely need the ability to use breakout rooms.

you can checkout latest updates where jitsi team upgraded their UI so that large conference can be held, that is really fantastic…

hello fuji how can we talk i need help embeding rooms in my website

you can post here so anyone with proper knowledge will be able to help, but for sensetive information or sensetive quiry you can DM me if you trust. Thanks…!