Participant Authentication


I am looking into Jitsi for a small private educational VC requirement. As it involves children, it is essential that these sessions be for authenticated users only - essentially the child and their parent. Annonymous joining is a major killer for my use case, but if I read all the docs I have seen pointed to correctly, there is no inherent user authentication other than the person who sets up the room. This seems more of a one-to-many(public) solution than a private VC/One-to-one solution.

Do I have that right? I am thinking I have to continue the hunt for a suitable server, but I do not want to abandon this without checking I understand correctly.

Thank you.


If you follow:
and just skip the part with setting up the guest virtual host:

VirtualHost ""

and skip adding it to config.js anonymousdomain: '', this will give you a deployment where everyone needs to login to use it.


Thanks. I was wondering when I read that section if there would be some such option, but without knowing the programming I wasn’t sure.

Just one follow up question, do I then need to create a separate user list for the domain or does it get taken from the admin one? I am thinking I need a second user list. Would someone who is an administrator then still need to be on the guest user list as too to be a guest of a session?


I mentioned that you need to skip that host. So you will have only one host that you will use to authenticate and create users.
If you enable guests they are anonymous, there is no such thing as authenticated guests.


Thanks. I misunderstood. I thought you meant skip after the line

VirtualHost "" 

Is there a way to distinguish between users who can start a VC and those who can attend only but still have to sign in?

If not, its a limitation I can live with. Just want to know. From your last post I am guessing the answer is no.


You are right, you either use authentication for all, or if you want guests like behaviour, they are anonymous. There are no types for the authenticated users.


Thank you for your time and patience