Participant audio not hear by others sometimes

Hi jitsi,

We have a self-hosted jitsi deployment.

Yesterday in a 3 participants conference audio of one of the participants not heard by others, the mic was open and permission was granted.

Although we did not find out how to reproduce the situation, the problem accrues a couple of times(not always) when the participant uses Chrome on her android device but if the same participant uses Desktop(chrome) or mobile app, audio is transmitted normally.

Can anyone give me a clue about what would be the cause of this problem?
I’m very eager to have your opinions about this.

This is the console and meet log of chrome on android device:

console-log-when-audio-not-transmitted-to-others.txt (204.8 KB)

meetlog-when-audio-not-transmitted-to-others.txt (3.8 MB)

UPDATE1: the problem only appears in Chrome and everything is fine in Firefox
UPDATE2: we face this problem in and too

Thanks for reading this

Does anyone in the meeting had turned on screen-share ?

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we test with both case, but I’m curious why it is suspicious to you?

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