ParticapantRoleChangedListener doesn't work for me

Hi! I am trying to call ParticipantRoleChangedListener to get the role of every participants who joined the video conference so that if the participant is a moderator, that participant will be able to set password automatically after joining video conference. The problem is the ParticipantRoleChangedListener doesn’t work or trigger. According to the description of the listener:

event notification fired when the role of the local user has changed (none, moderator, participant).

The expected result I am hoping for is to return an object having an id and role.

Am I using it wrong? Please help. Thank you very much.

Update: I tried adding alert("Hello world!") inside the listener and it doesn’t appear either.

Here is the attached image for reference:

It’s working now. participantRoleChangedListener() returns an object now. All I need was to update my jitsi meet server. Thank you very much.