Panel discussion in Jitsi?

Is it possible to simulate a panel discussion in Jitsi, where 1 to 3people are “pinned” to the top and larger than the other participants?

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No, this is not currently possible out of the box with Jitsi. For one speaker-feed, you can use ‘Speaker View’ where the main video occupies majority of the screen and the other participants show up in a filmstrip on the right.

Thanks. Is it possible programmatically force speaker view?

You mean force all participants to be in Speaker View? If that’s the question, you can simply enable “Everyone follows me” under ‘Settings’ (in the “more” tab). This way, everyone is staged in the same view as the moderator. However, participants still have the option to change that view on their own, if they so wish. To always show only Speaker View, you would need to disable the tile view completely, from the backend.

Great. Thanks. Love Jitsi!