Paid work: Setup Jitsi with JWT token and Jibri

We have jitsi and jibri setup on same server.

We already have a website and we want to allow only our website users to start new jitsi room.

For that need a jitsi developer who can setup JWT token and customize frontend to validate user via existing API.

Here is the steps

  1. Setup Jitsi with JWT token
  2. Update jitsi UI for login pop-up.
  3. Login will call API to our website, website will validate the details and in response it will give valid JWT token.
  4. The guest user should able to join without jwt token

Interested developer please message me with your past experience.


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We are the engineers behind.
We can help you setup all 4 steps easily.

Also for your jibris, if you are thinking of scale try this

Hope to hear from you.

Easy Jitsi Team.

Hi @Bhavin_Jagad
I am an experienced Jitsi developer and also I have engaged in complicated Jitsi customizations previously.
Currently I am working on load balancing, ready for mobile applications, and integrate sip as well etc. If you need further more details please send me an email . Thank you

Let’s talk on Google Hangout. I have send invitation there.

sent you a personal message;